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230 days ago

I had no idea of the problems created by Universal Credit and am humbled by the testimonies of mothers living in low income households , experiencing both poverty and isolation.

This little book describes the formation of Mummies Republic, a community group where the women meet in a Methodist Hall in South London.Yvonne Bennett , the author, has provided an opportunity for the voices of these brave women to be heard.

I found their stories informative , shocking and most importantly, challenging .

300 days ago

It is a very interesting book and has great popularity around the world.

The book

"Spy for nobody"

very important book, which includes an explanation of the espionage process for the benefit of the Syrian people and against the intelligence services of the Syrian regime that lasted for eighteen years.

It is a very interesting book and has great popularity around the world.
The book : "Spy for nobody" it contains very important information about the massacres of the city of Hama in /1982 / carried out by the regime of the criminal Assad in Syria, which was classified information and with details for the first time revealing to people .

It has been chosen by nine of the world's leading universities and USA universities, as well as the Library of Congress of all Arabic and Syrian books as a reference for research and studies About international intelligence services, the Middle East and About Syria, and other topics and addresses . .

The author of this book is from Syria , He is an activist and supporter of the Syrian revolution that demanded freedom, which started in 2011. He is a freelance journalist, political analyst, and military and security intelligence expert. his name is


. Basel Saneeb & Al Sannib _
Spy for Nobody (English Edition)
:‏‪ISBN 9781780585420 ‬‏
is now available worldwide for purchase from #Amazon and #Google.The secrets of the #Syrian_people and the #Syrian_revolution.The secrets of the #criminal_Assad_regime and its #intelligence_services. An #adventure inside danger! in a #book that you will not forget, and you will not regret reading it. And more .. ( I advise you to read this book to understand the full truth about Syria.

Spy for Nobody (English Edition)
:ISBN 9781780585420
is now available worldwide for purchase from Amazon and Google.The secrets of the Syrian_people and the Syrian_revolution.The secrets of the #criminal_Assad_regime.
Spy for Nobody (English Edition)
:ISBN 9781780585420
is now available worldwide for purchase from #Amazon and #Google.The secrets of the #Syrian_people and the #Syrian_revolution.The secrets of the #criminal_Assad_regime
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Spy... for nobody!

Saneeb, Basel


360 days ago


I loved this book! Another wonderful masterpiece that comes together majestically by the ever brilliant Agatha Christie.

Murder on the Orient Express

Christie, Agatha


365 days ago

A request that the author contact me.

The book is interesting. He has given me a new idea on how to attack this secret. According to him, he has only achieved the "black stage", to which there are still a couple more to be completed. So he is still NOT in possesion of the Philosophers' Stone. He has given good quotes of other passages from ancient Alchemists and one or two of them, from a certain Peter Bonus 1338 AD, is considerably interesting. It has to do with sublimation and purification. Only this author who names himself "Anonymous", in his Glossary of definitions in Alchemy, explains the definition of Sublimation incorrectly... This books is no longer listed as being available in the forgotten books archives... In the Authors "Forward" the author was in fear of his life for giving out this information with this book, but still tried to get people to ask questions so that he could revise this copy in the future by opening a forum through "", which is no longer available. At any rate it would be interesting to know if this author is still under us living. I give this book so many stars, because he can explain things well, the way he sees them. I would really like to trade ideas with this author, if he would. I have his algorithm. The only problem is, anybody who has a copy of this book, has a copy of this value as well... And I don't know how to check for this SHA-1 algorithm value. Before I start on this, I would like to get a better understanding of the theory...

The Book of Aquarius

Unknown Author


David H reviewed Elevation
545 days ago

What is going on?

A man realizes that no matter what he wears or dont wear he is still losing weight. He confines in a friend who eventually talks him into telling a few others that all begin in become a group of friends that are there from that moment on.


King, Stephen


545 days ago

What is happen?

Things and people disappear but what could be the reason. The villian does finally show hisself and will show hisself again in the Dark Tower Series. The villian makes Dracula look like a achool kid.

'Salem's Lot

King, Stephen


David H reviewed It
545 days ago


The true scary things that could happen wen you dream and if they got a life of their own. Freddy Kruger doesnt hold a candle on the wind to the multiple faces of IT. Kids think they have dealt with the issue and make a bond for life that if the issues arises again they will come back to fight again.


King, Stephen


David H reviewed The Stand
545 days ago

Good vs evil

The true battle of Good vs evil. The evil constantly send people out or try to infiltrate the group of Good. Then Good understands there is noway of putting it off no longer and puts together a small group and starts on the long journey across country to battle the ultimate evil. Many obstacles on the way.

The Stand

King, Stephen


David H reviewed The Shining
545 days ago


Great book, dad thinking he is getting a great job for the winter. Then gets to this secluded hotel in the mountains. Then everything changes when the weather closes them in. The son with his gift sees things and upcoming events that endanger him and his parents.

The Shining

King, Stephen


Donna B reviewed C D B!
618 days ago

Pre text messaging at its finest!

I love this book! My mother was a elementary school teacher and she owned this book! So it has been with me my whole life. It could really inspire people who want to shorten their typing time while texting! Lol!! Its was definitely ahead of its time!!!

C D B!

Steig, Wiliam.