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C D B!

Pre text messaging at its finest!

January 12, 2020 by Donna B 0

I love this book! My mother was a elementary school teacher and she owned this book! So it has been with me my whole life. It could really inspire people who want to shorten their typing time while texting! Lol!! Its was definitely ahead of its time!!!

The Zombies That Ate Pittsburgh

Zombie Gem

May 28, 2018 by James W 0

If your into all things George A. ROMERO Tthan this book is a must have, must read. Fair warning its much more about film making, independent film making than a blood. And gore book. ROMERO GOES into detail of his earlier films. Probably his best in my opinion. It came out in 1987 had no idea at the time other than a small cameo George Romero was in, where he was autographing the book, probably in Pittsburgh or the infamous Monroeville mall. If your looking for an autographed copy be sure its authentic. . Very expensive used book. Hard to find. Not sure about the cost on Amazon? Either way if you come across it at an estate sale, garage sale, used book store. . It is gold.



May 24, 2018 by Narita L 0

I have had the privilege of hearing the author speak at funeral services. Her words always touched by heart and inspired me, so when I heard she had written a book, I wanted to read it! Her sincerity, compassion and beautiful way of expressing herself is reflected in every page of this book.
The book is a written reflection of Ms. Hawkins heart and love for others and desire to care for those passing from this world into eternity. Her patients were so blessed to have her! Hospice nurses go beyond just physical care as they know there will be no healing for their patients. The family knows their loved one is going to be taken from them. I was moved by how Ms. Hawkins simultaneously gave concern and help not only for the dying but also for the family members.
In this book she shares short stories of different patients throughout her career. All are very personal and moving. The detail in which the author shows her empathy and depth of caring was very inspirational for me. There is humor as well as grief. Each one is a testimony that Becky has a special gift that comes from a deep faith in God that she brings into the lives of those she serves.
My husband died 5 years ago and I found this book very comforting. While it does deal with sadness and grief, it is filled with hope! Becky gave the greatest medicine a nurse can give to a patient: a part of herself. A unique and inspiring book, one everyone will want to read!

Good News Bible (Large Print)

Perfect for Young People or those New to Scripture

April 11, 2018 by Annie K 0

This particular edition of the Bible is perfect for our Religious Education classes. This is a true translation, but in a form that is accessible for most readers. The large print is perfect for children who can be "put off" by Bibles with small print. However, it is a real Bible - it is not full of distracting graphics and cartoon-like pictures that make it difficult for some to focus on the words themselves. Also, it is perfect for teachers or catechists, who are trying to manage a class while holding and reading the Bible - it is easy to keep your place!

HEARTBEATS "A Book of Wisdom"

Heartfelt! Simple GENIUS!

March 7, 2018 by Ron J F 0

Truly a Book of Wisdom... Heartbeats Touches The Very SOUL of Our Shared Existence and Universal Emotions... Bringing a Smile... A tear... and Fabulous INSIGHTS To Our All Too Busy Lives on This Beautiful Planet... Read It TODAY For an Instant LIFT!! SO SPIRITED!

The League Of Frightened Men

A covenant of guilt and fear.

January 22, 2018 by Derotha Ann R 0

This is the second book in the Nero Wolfe series, but the returning characters are already fairly well established. One of the distinguishing marks of the 41-year series is that the characters are stable and functional from the beginning, and perform efficiently throughout the various stories.

In the body of about 75 Wolfe stories, this is one of the "darkest" stories. The characters are motivated by fear and vengeance. The female love-object is beautiful but rather cold. Nonetheless, Wolfe rises above the general emotional chaos to get to the truth of the matter, and Archie accounts for it all in his fast-paced and entertaining style.

Stout gives us a lot to think about in terms of love, friendship, and relations between the sexes. It is often said that Wolfe hates women, and it may in any case be safe to say that he doesn't care much for the women in this book, and neither do I. Although there are few attractive characters, the story itself is a very good one; he is commenting on a privileged section of our society. His observations are relevant and disquieting.

As a direct contrast in mood, compare the next book, "The Rubber Band," which is a journey into comic romantic fantasy.

Factors that explain Internet growth in Africa

Author's review

January 2, 2018 by Shahid "Sam" Mustafa 0

This thesis addresses the growth of Internet users affected by several macro-economics and technological variables to develop an Empirical model to predict Internet growth (measured as no. of users per year) from a combination of 11 independent variables. The results of the Empirical model suggests that Internet hosts, ISPs, Population and GDP per capita are the dominant independent variables that explain Internet growth in Africa. South Africa was purposely excluded from the analysis because of it's outlier effect and skewness properties in whole Africa. In 1999, during literature review, no other study was developed that used several independent variables to predict the number of users, and is the first analysis of its kind using 11 macroeconomics and technological variable. Future recommendation is to increase the liberalization and privatization effect ), the Gdp/capita effect), and Internet hosts & ISPs effect (technology variables) in order to maximize the impact of growth in Internet in Africa during the late nineties. A comprehensive Reading list is provided.

Francisco de Osuna (CWS)


December 9, 2017 by Cheryl S 0

This is one of the best spiritual books I have ever is the one St. Teresa could not give to the Inquisition Council. Read it and learn why.

1000 Stories & Rhymes

A must have especially for fidgety kids

December 4, 2017 by Jennifer S 0

I personally own this book. Reading this to my behavioral child takes us on calming adventures, down roads never driven. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

The Mystery off Glen Road

One of the Most Charming Trixie Belden Books!

November 20, 2017 by Rebecca D 0

Very funny at times, and a unique plot. These books are wonderful for children, and they even hold up when you reread them as an adult. The characters are more finely drawn than those in most children's books.